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It’s Chaddy B

to the Boom!

These are the words that continuously ring when you witness Chaddy Boom's electrifying live show. Born Chadet Aleem (Buffalo, NY) to a musical family, she spent the early years of her life evolving into the top-notch, all-around performer that she is known as today.

Chaddy Boom attended the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts where she studied theatre, and later she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Central Florida.

While in college, she was also featured on BET several times (Spring Bling and 106 and Park) along with her dance team. Now recognized as a vocalist, songwriter, dancer, and actress, Chaddy has quickly become one of the most sought-after indie entertainers.

Blending elements of pop, soul, and rock, she has created a fresh sound that has become known as "poppish-rockish”. Her music combined with her polished live show has garnered praise and admiration from several industry professionals. After watching Chaddy Boom perform, Christina Milian stated “When I saw you I called you little Janet Jackson."

Present-day, Chaddy Boom has been refining her highly anticipated musical compositions. Look for her, coming to a stage, screen, and radio near you.

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